10th Class Marks

Our schools are the main vehicles to impart the educate, engage and empower ideology. To achieve the vision set forth for ourselves we have created a RDF methodology which has been implemented in all schools equally, to ensure that all our students have access to the same methodology.

The methodology has been developed after understanding the needs of the students and has been designed to create a long term learning impact. This enables us to create truly analytical minds who are not only able to successfully tackle academic hurdles but also any obstacle that life might present.  Along with the interactive teaching material, the students take part in debates, elocution, creative games, sports, science competitions and group activities. This inculcates in them the confidence to present themselves in front of an audience and interact well with others. This contributes immensely to the holistic education of the student.


Junior College Results - 2015

Junior College Results – 2015

RDF Schools Class 10 Results - 2015

RDF Schools Class 10 Results – 2015