Our Supporters

Everyone at RDF is incredibly grateful to the many donors who identify with our cause and show their support through the donations that keep us running. Whether corporate or individual donations in the form of money, materials, or services we literally could not do our work without their help. The quality of education tends to be defined by relatively intangible factors. Quality education is possible without buildings, without materials, and without money. But a roof over the students’ heads and a nourishing meal in their stomachs fulfill basic requirements that allow students to take better advantage of the education which RDF offers them. And beyond these fundamental necessities, a fully functioning and reliable power supply, working computers with internet access, supplementary teaching and learning materials, and access to further training for teachers all help RDF raise the quality of education provided. The support of our many donors allows us to go further than providing the basic necessities alone and enables us to combine quality education with quality facilities and materials.

Current donors include:

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