Visitor Comments

RDF welcomes visitors  who are interested in seeing our education in practice.  To schedule a visit, please contact and

Visit by Mr. Dean Gilchrist, sports coach from Australia

gilchristMr. Dean Gilchrist, elder brother of star Australian wicket keeper and opening batsman, Adam Gilchrist, was invited to the RDF Head Office by RDF Chairman, Mr. G.V.S. Prasad to meet RDF’s sports achievers. Accompanying him was Mr. Franks Francis of Samishti. The visitors were given a presentation of students’ background and sports achievements. The kids and the Physical Education staff were thrilled to receive appreciation of their accomplishments and expert tips from the renowned sports coach.

Mr. Gilchrist has developed a sports curriculum that develops a variety of sporting skills and fitness. It is hoped that this curriculum can be introduced to RDF at some point in the future.

Visit by senior Swami jis, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad

swamisTwo of the seniormost Swami jis of Ramakrishna Math visited Kalleda School in February 2016. Swami Jyotirmayanand ji, Head – Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad and Swami Jnananand ji, bearing the Ramakrishna Math philosophy of life building, man making, character making and nation building education and training, addressed the students and staff on moral and spiritual values.

swami-commentsWith the rapid advancement in urbanization and technology, many feel that the solid ground of human ethics and cooperation, based on spiritual and noble ideals of living and working in harmony, are slowly eroding. The Swami jis valuable message and advice on spiritual living came at the right time for RDF students.

The teachers definitely are welcoming and are eager to improve in their performance. The ambience of the school is very pleasant.  We discussed some academic problems with teachers and tried to chart a programme for their improvement. The children are energetic and disciplined, and Mr. Vishnu is putting every effort to make it an ideal school. – Girja Shasthri, Lecturer, Hyderabad

Congratulations on running an excellent school.  I wish all the students a lot of success in their lives. – V.V.S. Laxman, International Cricket Star, Hyderabad

Outstanding students.  Very attentive, full of positive energy and happiness.  Great work by teachers and the headmaster, congratulations! – Dr. R. Muriah Krishna, Doctor, USA

It has been a dream come true for me, as I had been wanting to visit the Matendla school for a very long time.  I feel good about this visit because the school atmosphere is very beautiful and very inpsiring.  God bless all the teachers with good health, happiness, and joy. – Anil Prakash Kamla, Yoga therapist, Hyderabad