RDF students engaged in Bala Mela activities

RDF uses a holistic education model that focuses on academic inputs and extra curricular activities simultaneously in order build character and confidence in the students.

For students of classes Nursery to 6th, RDF has partnered with Silver Oaks School, a leading international school in Hyderabad. The Silver Oaks team has created a specialized curriculum for Primary School that looks at an integrated learning model, with an emphasis on building thinking and language skills. Teachers attend regular training sessions with the Silver Oaks trainers and the Silver Oaks team regular monitors the implementation and progress of teachers.

Kalleda School has adopted Grow by Reading, a library and reading program that focuses on building reading skills in children through a unique approach that allows the teachers to work with students’ individual learning levels. The improved skills allow the students to fare better academically too.

At the High School level, Bloom’s Taxonomy guides the lessons. This model moves away from rote memorization and emphasizes critical and analytical thinking. RDF’s schools are grooming students for leadership roles: those who master concepts quickly are given opportunities to are given opportunities as student teachers and other assignments. Students move up the ‘basic knowledge and understanding’ to apply, analyse, evaluate and create. Examples include Science experiments, creative arts projects, peer and teacher evaluations. RDF’s small class sizes with a pupul student ratio of 1:30, allows teachers to give individual attention to students who need more help.blooms-taxonomy

RDF has a strong focus on sports development. This is done through the inclusion and participation in a well developed sports coaching program which includes after school training and summer camps in archery, athletics, badminton, volleyball, kho-kho and kabaddi. This sports focus has led an RDF student, Pranitha, to be chosen in the Women’s Archery team in the 2008 Olympics. Other archery students too have won accolades at an international, national and state level. Other extracurricular pursuits students participate in are computer training, photoblogs and video diaries, debates and elocution contests, cultural programs and an active Social Awareness Program.

RDF focuses intensively on teacher and student training. Teachers routinely undergo training in specific subjects or general capacity building programs. Education coordinators and volunteers provide training and observe teachers closely in order to determine the efficacy of training initiatives as well as well as provide a constant feedback loop on teaching-learning practices. Students undergo English and Communication skills training.

In its pursuit of offering holistic education, RDF weans away from focusing on academic results only and encourages students to reach their potential and follow their passions.

RDF Matendla School students displaying work from drawing class
Debate sessions at RDF Kalleda School

RDF’s Education Model

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