1)    Operational Sponsorships

  1. Sponsor a child
  2. Sponsor a classroom
  3. Sponsor or subsidize the Midday Meal which is the 2nd highest expenditure for RDF
  4.  Sponsorships for Uniforms
  5. Sponsoring a teacher’s salary

2)    Help from corporates in Building and Infrastructure improvements

  1. Build adequate bathrooms for staff and students in Redlawada School
  2. Build adequate classrooms and bathrooms for staff and students in Kalleda School
  3. Build two halls, one for a laboratory and one for a library in Rollakal School

3)    IT equipment – computers and peripherals, generators, UPS

  1. Trained manpower to help with the smooth running of the computer department on a regular basis in all schools

4)    Other equipment

  1. Photo copy machines
  2. Lamination machines
  3. Spiral binding machines
  4. Scanner
  5. Projector for Kalleda School to teach information downloaded from websites/Khan Academy/CDs
  6. Camera with Video recorder
  7. Large size cookers of 30 to 50 liter capacity
  8. Audio recorder
  9. Calculators
  10. Stationery
  11. Library books
  12. School Bags – primary and high school level

5)    Classroom Consumables

  1. Blackboards
  2. Bulletin boards
  3. Storage cupboards
  4. Storage racks
  5. Student furniture – benches, chairs, desks and tables

6)    Two wheelers for Kalleda, Rollakal and Redlawada schools. Due to erratic,               local transport system, if teachers and headmasters travel between the 3                   schools, they lose time as they need to come very early and leave late in the            evening. The vehicles can be used during the day by department personnel              and can be used by HMs to go home in the evenings, on a cost sharing basis.

7)   A trolly to transport food from Kalleda school to Rollakal and Redlawada                school.