1)    Operational Sponsorships

  1. Sponsor a child
  2. Sponsor a classroom
  3. Sponsor or subsidize the Midday Meal which is the 2nd highest expenditure for RDF
  4.  Sponsorships for Uniforms
  5. Sponsoring a teacher’s salary

2)    Help from corporates in Building and Infrastructure improvements

  1. Build adequate bathrooms for staff and students in Redlawada School
  2. Build two halls, one for a laboratory and one for a library in Rollakal School

3)    IT equipment – computers and peripherals, generators, UPS

  1. Trained manpower to help with the smooth running of the computer department on a regular basis in all schools

4)    Other equipment

  1. Lamination machines
  2. Spiral binding machines
  3. Scanner
  4. Projector for Kalleda School to teach information downloaded from websites/Khan Academy/CDs
  5. Camera with Video recorder
  6. Large size cookers of 30 to 50 liter capacity
  7. Stationery
  8. Library books
  9. School Bags – primary and high school level

5)    Classroom Consumables

  1. Display Boards
  2. Classroom storage shelves
  3. Student furniture – benches, chairs, desks and tables