Visitor Comments

Service to mankind is service to God. The development of rural economy is the real progress of the country. – Sri Chukka Ramaiah, Eminent Educationalist


The school is built in a Gadi (a fort) built by Sri Errabelli Venkateswara Rao in 1936. It is very inspiring & magnificent. I came to know that Pranitha who participated in the Beijing Olympics is a product of this school. It is a great thing to notice that talent identification is done like this in Kalleda School. I wish Sridhar and his team the best in their endeavours. – DIG, Warangal. December 2013

Outstanding students! Very attentive, full of positive energy and happiness. Great work by teachers and Headmasters. – Dr. R. Murali Krishna, Edmond, USA. February 2014

A child greeting me with folded hands shows me the cultural immersion they are experiencing and discipline imbibed. Keep up the good work! E. Abhimanyu, Bangalore. Februrary 2014

We spent a day with children and teachers in the school. During the whole day, I could not even notice how the time passed. We are much impressed by the way the school is run. The teachers are taking very great efforts to get the school going with high standards. We wish to continue this relationship & really would like to see the school students succeed in their lives.  – Sri Prasanna Kokad, GE

You have done a wonderful service for these children. Let us hope these children can provide similar service for the community in future. – Sri Satish, Sunanda, Reshmi, Dhivya and Keerti Vadapalli.

We were deeply impressed by the good work done by the Headmaster and the staff in imparting wholesome education to the rural children. Well done and kepup the good job. – Sri Brigadier and Mrs. SC Nair

We are moved by the commitment, concern and services rendered to the rural poor children. Congratulate the RDF for establishing such a great model for rural education. Keep the spirits high. You are building the nation. – Smt.Vanaja (Journalist) , Smt. Anuradha (Director), Sri Muralikrishna(Director, Photography)

What a joy to share with you at your wonderful school! I will remember this day forever. Blessings of friendship. – Jeanette Mallon-Hill

Thank you does not begin to describe how grateful I am for my stay at Kalleda. This school has inspired me in numerous ways. I have felt so alive since I’ve been here. The dedication of the teachers & the desire and intelligence of the students are unmatchable. I shall be here again soon. – Ms. Lindsey Grossman (USA)

This was a most wonderful trip! The Kalleda Rural School is an example of the great things which are possible in rural settings in INDIA. Everything from the setting to the devoted teachers to the extremely talented students made our visit very very worthy. – Sri Gurdit Singh, CIEE, Hyderabad, University of Hyderabad.

The talent and dedication these kids display is unlike any I’ve seen anywhere in the world. In the coming years I expect to see the mission of the school fulfilled one-hundred fold as graduates go on to succeed in every field. I fully intend to return soon. Thank you for opening your school and your hearts to us. – Anna Larsen (USA)

Today I had an opportunity to visit the school along with Ms. Vanditha and Mr.Rani (ILP). Nice to see the efforts to “educate” the children from poor families in a remote area. I wish the organization, management, teachers and children best of luck in their endeavor. – Sri AL Rangarajan, Coordinator, ILP.

I have got an opportunity to visit the school. I am glad to see the participation of teachers and students. If the village management like President & members make the villagers participate in the development of the school by giving full labour, money, inspiring people then the school can impart good education. – Sri Prasad

My visit to RDF Matendla School is memorable. It is nice to see enthusiastic teachers and motivated children and I believe this will initiate a good beginning. All the best for building-up a quality school. – Development Consultant, Consulate General of Japan.

Visited the school, interacted with the teachers & students and found lot of improvement in both imparting and learning abilities. Keep it up and wish the Teachers and Students all the best. – Sri Ravi, ILP, Bangalore

I am amazed to see the amount of development work going on in this school. I wish my best wishes to all the teachers and students of this school. – Sri Tapan Bhandari, Vice President and Branch Manager, HSBC

Truly impressive. Big schools can learn a lot from here. I feel humbled.You aredoing wonderful work. Wish you all the best. We assure you of our support. -CfBT Team

Providing education in a rural area is the best work being done by this organization. I wish the organization a grand success in all their future endeavors. I will be great privilege for me to be associated with this school. – Sri D.N. Gauri, Chairman, Techni Aid Group of Companies.

This is a wonderful school. I am very impressed. – Prof. Glenn Davis Stone, Washington University, USA

Very systematic and good looking school. Teachers seem to be very good and practicing new teaching techniques in all schools and providing conceptual knowledge to all children. – M. Sreenivas Rao, Project Leader, Azim Premji Foundation.

Its great to see another successful facet of RDF. Matendla is a wonderful place and I am confident in students’ futures. – Ms. Lindsey Grossman (USA)DOUBLE ENTRY

Extremely happy to see the change since my past visit when the classes were conducted under 1the trees. – Sri Vidya Sagar Rao, Kalleda (Former President, IRDF, USA)

I am very impressed by the efforts of RDF and Matendla Rural School to provide excellent quality education in the rural area of Matendla. From the teaching methodologies and the in-house teaching aids, it is obvious why the students are doing so well here. It is also very inspiring to note that the teaching methodologies are based on the modern concepts of group work and ‘do it by hand’. This school and its dedicated staff are model examples of organizational abilities. I wish Matendla Rural School and RDF all the best. – Sri Saurav, GE-IIC, Hyderabad