The Rural Development Foundation (RDF) is a non profit organization that began as a family initiative. As far back as 1991, members of the Errabelli family discussed the idea of wanting to give something back to their village of Kalleda. They felt a need to repay their debt to the land that had provided their family with wealth over several generations.

Members of the Errabelli family recognized that their successes in life were largely due to their access to quality education. Thus in 1996, they inaugurated the first RDF school in the estate building that had once housed the family. At its inception, RDF was an organization involved in not only educating the children of the village, but also improving infrastructure, healthcare, and more. Gradually, RDF became more and more focused on changing society through education, although family members still remain very involved in other aspects of developing the area.

RDF’s Memorandum of Association was modified in 2010 to focus on educational activities in order for its schools to provide quality education and producing socially conscious leaders. It has also expanded to include other areas of Telangana. There are now four RDF schools and one junior college spread over two districts.  The RDF Board has decided not to expand to any more schools until all five of its current institutions are operating sustainably at a high level of excellence. Another focus of RDF is to now move away from a family organization and instead focus on becoming a sustainable business-like non profit organization. This transition has included new branding, staff, and strategic vision.

Timeline of RDF’s major milestones: