Affordable Quality Education

Every child is entitled to an education in India, but unfortunately, not every child is getting quality education. Indians, like many others, want better education for their children. One solution is quality education at a price families can afford. For this purpose RDF schools offer a   workable student to teacher ratio so that students get more focused instruction and individual attention. Lessons are fine tuned to encourage children to think creatively, problem solve and not just memorize. Each day is an electrifying experience for these children with co-curricular activities like sports and cultural programs, not to forget, a daily sumptuous and nutritious meal.

Parents pay subsidised fees according to their affordability, starting at 6000 rupees ($100 USD) a year per child, rising to 13,000 rupees ($210 USD) a year per child. On an average, ten per cent of students across all schools enjoy fee concession, either fully or partially, according to their financial status. RDF ensures that no family is paying beyond their means. Beginning with a humble enrolment of 80 students, the number of children attending RDF schools has increased to 1900, as more villagers enroll their children in our schools. Today, RDF’s 2073 alumni are either employed with companies or are self employed. They have made the journey out of poverty to a position to financially support their families.

Our teaching staff, most of whom are first generation learners themselves, completed their education in Telugu medium. Thus, they are provided high quality training and mentoring support in order to empower them to do their best to teach in English medium schools – proof of RDF’s impact on the local, rural community.