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Changes in the Earth’s Soil – reasons

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RDF Redlawada school 8th class students went for a field trip to check the changes in the soil. They along with their Science teacher visited selected places like Agricultural land and garden. They dig the soil layer wise to find out the biological, physical and chemical properties. The students noted the existence of fungi, fertility, fossils, insects and earthworms. The students examined the changes in soil in different places. They have noticed that in many places living things are destroyed in the humus due the excessive pollution, usage of harmful pesticides and heavy chemical fertilizers in the crops. The students learnt that by using the natural pesticides and Bio-fertilizers that strengthens the soil resulting in good and healthy crops. Through this field trip the students learnt and suggested the farmers to save the earth’s natural soil by using only Bio-fertilizers and natural pesticides and protect earth and Bio-diversity.

ARDENT FESTIVAL OF MAIDENS-Protecting our Tradition


India is the land of Festivals & Traditions. As a part of protecting our festivals, culture and tradition, RDF Kalleda School held nine days local festival of Boddemma.  All maidens visit ant hill and dig the hill and make clay idol of Goddess Boddemma with five steps and decorate it with flowers, turmeric, areca nut, wicks etc., As per tradition each step reflects offspring. During the festival all maidens dress up in traditional dresses and sing songs. On the last day the idol is immersed in village tank with huge procession. The common belief is that if Boddemma is worshipped, the Earth Goddess will be pleased to yield good crops and health and also get good husbands to maidens.

Experience the Joy of Giving


Rural Development Foundation is a voluntary organization. It continues to support and give high quality education to underprivileged children of rural India. RDF supports four schools and one Junior college in two districts of Telengana. Due to the selfless efforts of RDF, the schools together have more than 1700 students enrolled in them. RDF provides note books, text books, 2 uniforms and midday meal to the students. Also it supports Alumni by providing financial help in their further studies and training.

Youth for Seva has given its helping hand to RDF. YfS has donated school bags to the students. Each bag contained note books, pens, water bottle, stickers, dictionary, etc., we encourage students and Parents to motivate others and lend their support to help each other to make a better future.

We convey our heartfelt thanks to Youth for Seva for their generous donation.