1)    Operational Sponsorships

  1. Sponsor a child or sponsor a classroom
  2. Sponsor or subsidise the Midday Meal which is the 2nd highest expenditure for RDF
  3. Uniform sponsorships

2)    Help from corporates in Building and Infrastructure improvements

  1. Build adequate classrooms and bathrooms for staff and students in Redlawada School
  2. Build classrooms inKalleda School and a bathroom for the core staff
  3. Manpower to take care of planning (architect) the rooms/building, a site engineer to manage the successful completion of the project within budget and with quality maintenance

3)    IT equipment like computers and peripherals, generators, UPS

  1. Trained manpower to help with the smooth running of the computer department on a regular basis in all schools

4)    Other equipment

  1. Xerox machines
  2. Lamination machines
  3. Spiral binding machines
  4. Scanner
  5. Projector for Kalleda School to teach information downloaded from websites/Khan Academy/CDs
  6. Audio recorder
  7. Calculators
  8. Stationery
  9. Bags

5) Classroom Consumables

  1. Blackboards
  2. Bulletin boards
  3. Storage cupboards
  4. Storage racks

6) 2 two wheelers for Kalleda, Rollakal and Redlawada schools. Due to erratic, local transport system, if teachers and headmasters travel between the 3 schools, they lose time and they need to come very early and leave late in the evening. The vehicles can be used during the day by different departments and can be used by HMs to go home in the evenings, by sharing petrol with other staff who share a ride