VardhineniPranithaRDF students are thriving. Every year, more village children are receiving a quality education, setting the foundation for brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

Last year, 80 percent of our 10th class students graduated in the first division (In India, 35 percent marks are passing; 60 percent and higher is first division.) See our archive of 10th class marks here.

In addition to the class marks, RDF is proud of the individual accomplishments of its alumni, many who have enrolled in college or have started careers as police officers, teachers and Railways employees. Many have not forgotten RDF’s role in its contribution to their success and have given back to the school.

RDF Alumni

Where are they now?

RDF Matendla School

N. Mahesh (2006) is doing his Degree (B.A) 2nd year at Nizam’s College in Hyderabad. He helps take care of three alumni students studying on CfBT scholarships (B. Swapna and N. Nagaraju, both of whom are Intermediate and D. Narsimlu is doing a course in hotel management). He also assisted with hosting the students who came to Hyderabad for vocational training with General Electric.

G. Renuka (2006) has been working in our school as nursery teacher since 2008. However, she wants to continue her education so she the joined Open University degree program this year (2010-11).

D. Balanarsu (2006) is in charge of the alumni students. He introduced a doctor from the town of Siddipet who is now providing free checkups for the teachers.

D. Parsharamulu (2006) worked in our school as a Telugu teacher until last year. He is now doing his bachelor of science degree (B.Sc) 2nd year at Siddipet. He stays involved by participating in Sahakara meetings when we conduct them.

K. Sudhakar (2006) is now working in Dubai and helps RDF by sponsoring one student.

M. Mahesh (2006) is currently studying for bachelor of commerce second year. He regularly coaches the Matendla School students in dance and is helping to take care of the cultural programs.

U. Bhagyalaximi (2006) is pursuing a degree in MCA from Telangana University. Along with this she is also actively involved in organizing school functions and meetings.

D. Narsimlu (2006) has completed his degree in hotel management and is currently looking for a job placement.

K. Narsimulu (2006) and B. Lakshmi (2008) are both pursuing a diploma in education.

P. Rupa and G. Manga (2006) are in the third year Engineering course at Karimnagar and Siddipet respectively.

Raviteja (2007)Hareesh (2008)J. Srinivas (2007)R. Santosh (2008)K. Ravi (2008) have all cleared the first level in the Police Constable Training and are now preparing for the written test.

P. Manemma (2007) runs Saksharabharati program for adult education, with the aid of Andhra Pradesh government.

D. Sumalatha (2009) recently completed her PET training. She got 173 rank in PCET. When she was studying Class 9, she was selected to SAI Sports Academy, Hyderabad. She participated in many state and national level competitions.

K. Karnakar (2009) is studying his Intermediate (advanced education beyond 10th class) and helped out this past year by leading sports practice for the students.

B. Laxmi (2009) completed her TTC (Teachers Training Course) last year. She got a Government Teacher job in Medak district.

D. Sumalatha (2009) recently completed her PET training. She got 173 rank in PCET. When she was studying Class 9, she was selected to SAI Sports Academy, Hyderabad. She participated in many state and national level competitions.

D. Babu (2009) is a good singer. When he was in school, he participated in many state level competitions conducted by MAA TV & ETV. Few months back he got 3993 rank in EAMCET medical rank and he got a seat in east Godavari. He is the first student from the school to study MBBS.

D. Mahesh (2009) is studying in IIIT. He is the first student from the school to get a free seat in IIIT.

Hareesh (2009) is doing his post graduation in Science in Osmania University. He got 91 rank in Osmania entrance test and got free seat in Osmania campus.

N. Kanakaraju (2010) recently he completed his ITI. He was interested in electronics when he was in school and we are proud that he has chosen to continue in the field.

D. Vykuntam (2010) is studying in B.A Final year in Siddipet. He is a good sports player and he attended the GE Capital Summer Program in Hyderabad twice. In his free time he visits the schools and helps in activities like administration and career counselling for students. Sometimes he conducts English classes for students.

N. Srikanth (2011) is a high achiever & class 10 topper from RDF Matendla School. He secured a high rank in 1st year Intermediate (420/500) and would like to become a doctor.

RDF Kalleda School

R. Vinod Kumar (2003) is pursuing his MBBS degree and also helps RDF by being a part-time substitute teacher.

G. Ramesh (2003) after completing his B.Sc (B.Ed)  he is now working with RDF Kalleda School as a General Science teacher.

B. Veeranna (2004) is doing a course in masters of computer applications 2nd year at Warangal and is the RDF Alumni Ambassador. When he has free time & on holidays, he is helping Kalleda School & Matendla School schools. He manages alumni student participation in our schools, provides career guidance for 8th to 10th classes, and assisted with the Washington University program. He also participates in Youth Empowerment and Social Awareness programs as well as helping with administration.

G. Srivani (2004) has studied BAMS in Vagdevi Institution.

K. Anil (2004) was very talented in studies. He completed a degree in hotel management and is working in a hotel in Hyderabad.

A. Rajitha (2004) is working as a teacher at Wadlakonda School School.

B. Ashok (2004) is the Alumni Youth Empowerment Leader. At present, he is  working in the school as an Admin Manager.

O. Raju (2006) is doing B.Tech third year and G. Srinivas (2008), is doing BSc. first year, both help in whatever area required when they are home from college.

Devaraju (2006) participates in the Youth Empowerment and Social Awareness programs. He also has tutored the 10th class in their exam preparations.

E. Raju (2006) obtained a job in the Indian Army thanks to his archery skills. Plans to use a portion of his salary to sponsor an RDF student.

B. Suresh (2006) after completion of his degree in B. Pharm he opened a medical shop.  For emergency cases he even comes to school and give medicines to the students.

B. Swathi (2006) participated in games and has won mandal and district level medals. She teaches demo classes and provides help to the students.

K. Maheswari (2006) She teaches demo classes and helps coach students in various subjects. Presently she is working at Puttaparthi.

A. Raju (2006) obtained a job in the Indian Railway thanks to his archery skills and chose to give back by sponsoring a mid-day meal.

Ch. Lavanya (2006) comes to school to teach dance classes to our students.

B. Vijender (2006) visits our school in his free time and helps to teach maths in an easy manner. He participated in games and he won mandal level and district level medals.

V. Raju (2007) obtained a job in the Indian army thanks to his archery skills. He plans to show his appreciation by sponsoring the physical education teacher’s health insurance.

V. Anil (2007) was passionate about computers in school and completed a course in Hardware. He now leads the photoblog team in the school and conducts hardware training in the school.

S. Raju (2007) is working as junior physical education teacher at Kalleda School.

I.Bhadri (2007) is very talented in games and sports. Now she is working as an Aganwadi teacher in her village.

SK. Israth Fathima (2008) visits our school and helps the students in Hindi & English subject and she teaches demo classes. She won mandal level prizes in Library and chekumuki talent test.

B. Anil (2009) is studying B. Tech. He also supports the volleyball students in the school.

R. Harish Kumar (2010) visits the school and helps the class 10th students in after school coaching. He received the first  prize in chekumuki talent test. He also helps students develop their computer skills and also takes demo classes for the teachers.

V. Sharadha (2010) participated in Archery meet in America and she has now got GOVT job in Railway ITPT.

A. Paramesh (2010) was good at Computer skills in school. Now he works in RDF Rollakal School.